Tuesday, August 3, 2010

8/3/10: Veggie Noodle Soup 8/4/10: Salad Roll

On Tuesday, we ran out of rice so Chef J improvised and made noodle soup with Monday's leftovers, plus some fresh chopped veggies (cabbage, napa cabbage, zucchini strips) and a bit of thinly sliced seitan.

Today is farmer's market day so we got a bunch of fresh herbs for salad rolls with seitan. It was devoured before I could take any pictures but it was all the different herbs that made it special.

Cost for 5 people:
basil, $0.50
mint, $0.50
cilantro, $0.50
perilla, $0.50
lettuce, $1
tomato, $1
seitan, $6
rice paper, $1
Total: $11 or $2.20/per person

During lunch, news came in that a federal judge struck down the ban on gay marriages (Prop 8). Big celebration will ensue in the city tonight!


  1. Chef J's improv looks delicious!!! Does he do catering? :-) How I do love noodles (and every other ingredient you mentioned!) Yay for fresh herbs from the farmer's market, and yay for Prop 8 being struck down! :-)

  2. Yum, that looks like a light and tasty meal!

  3. Looks like my kind of meal! You've got me seriously craving some asian-style noodles now.

  4. Seriously, can I have the directions to your house already! Bunbun can visit the Wheekers while we feast on tasty vegan delights!!