Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vegan Mofo, Here I Come!

I did it! I signed up for my first Vegan Mofo. There are 500+ contributors this year and I just had to join the party. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! I can only promise to take better pictures of my meals, but my phone can only do so much, LOL!

Though it's Halloween weekend, I join the City in celebrating a certain orange and black: SF Giants! Those who know me would be surprised because I usually have as much interest in sports as I do in, say, waxing cars. But hubby is totally into it and got me caught up in the excitement. He has patiently answered all the my questions so I know what's going on (apparently it's not as simple as just hitting the ball) and now it's fun to watch. I think I make it quite fun for him too, what with my screams of, "Run, boy, RUN!" when our team hits the ball, or "Catch it! You better CATCH IT!" when the opponent hits a ball.

I can see some of your eyes glazing over. "You're talking about sports? We're here for FOOD!"
Alrighty then!

Lemongrass tofu & chard over rice.

Eggplant tofu claypot

Time to look through some recipes to prepare for Vegan Mofo!


  1. How exciting! I see that you just missed being the 500th Vegan Mo-foer, too!

    I thought about participating, but I have too many non-food related posts stacked up I want to share and a busy month ahead. But I will be enjoying all my participating blog friends and rooting you on, and will share a few food posts as I'm able as a show of solidarity! :-)

    That lemongrass tofu with chard over rice looks scrumptious! Your phone camera did a great job with that one, it's making me drool! :-)

    And, GO GIANTS! (I'm not a baseball fan and I don't watch sports on TV anymore, but I do pay attention to the World Series and am absolutely pulling for the Giants to win!)

    Happy Halloween, VW, and kisses to the Wheekers!

  2. Yay, I am looking forward to more of your food & gpig posts :D

  3. Laloo, I wasn't a baseball fan before either. I think what got me started was seeing Cody Ross. His chubby cheeks and adorable smile kinda reminded me of the guinea pigs, LOL! From there I learned what a humble and united team the Giants were and started to recognize the other players one by one. Together they've got magic!

    Mandee, thanks! I look forward to eating around the world on your blog too! And I really appreciate that your recipes are gluten and soy free. Very nice!