Monday, February 28, 2011

Appetite for Reduction: Quinoa Salad w/ Black Beans & Toasted Cumin Seeds + Giveaway Winner!

For my third recipe from Appetite for Reduction, I chose Quinoa Salad w/ Black Beans & Toasted Cumin Seeds since there was leftover quinoa in the fridge. It was only after it was all put together that I realized how similar it is to how I already eat black bean quinoa salad, minus the cumin seeds. I didn't have cumin seeds so I substituted with regular cumin powder. It did add a little pizazz to the dish; I liked it! How much nicer it might have been with toasted cumin seeds. :-) I served it on tortilla because to me, everything tastes better in a wrap.

Quinoa Salad w/ Black Beans & Toasted Cumin Seeds on Tortilla
Now on to the guinea pig calendar giveaway winner! Thanks to all who entered; I loved reading about your pets. :-) And the winner is...

Shannon! I'll send you an email soon. Congratulations!

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  1. Oh that quinoa salad w/black beans on a tortilla looks so good!! (I made a batch of Smoky Refried Bean Soup today, second batch this week - think I'm in the mood for Mexican food lately? LOL)

    Girl, ya gotta get yourself some cumin seeds! Not just for toasting them in recipes like this one, but for grinding your own cumin powder. Freshly ground spices are so much more flavorful, and the aromatherapy you get from doing it is amazing! I just love the scent of freshly ground cumin. Mmmm....

    The guinea pig calendar you gave away was adorable! (I didn't enter only because we get so many free calendars every year, I usually end up giving calendars away my own self). Belle and Bert should be featured on a calendar of their own, you ask me. :-)