Sunday, March 6, 2011

Appetite for Reduction: Bhutanese Pineapple Rice & Masala Baked Tofu

Have you ever seen pineapple rice served in the shell of a pineapple? The first time I saw it, I was so amazed at the presentation. It's so clever, don't you think? And no dishes to do afterward, bonus! :-)

Though I didn't serve Isa's Bhutanese Pineapple Rice in a pineapple shell, it was nevertheless simple and delicious. The addition of fresh cilantro was a nice touch. I served it with Masala Baked Tofu.

Bhutanese Pineapple Rice & Masala Baked Tofu
My modifications:
1. used white jasmine rice, not Bhutanese red rice (never heard of such a thing!)
2. used curry powder since I was out of red curry paste
3. sauted the pineapple chunks at the beginning with the onion, garlic, and ginger instead of adding it at the end; I like my pineapple a little caramelized.

This is my favorite recipe from the book thus far. DH thinks it's a keeper too.


I've been remiss in telling you about the TofuXpress gadget I won last year and that is not to say I haven't been using it. Quite the opposite! I'd never bothered to press my tofu before I got this handy gadget. Now tofu rarely gets cooked without going into the Tofuxpress first, even if just for a few minutes. The instruction tells you to press the tofu for an hour or more, but five minutes usually squeezes out enough water for my purposes. With the water out, the tofu fries much faster. DH also marveled at the difference it makes. I love this thing!  Does anyone else use the TofuXpress?


"Move your butt!"
This is Bert and Belle squeezing for space along the crook of my arm while we cuddled in bed. I usually have just one at a time so they're not used to sharing the space. ;-)

Have a great week ahead!


  1. OMG!!!! That is the sweetest picture ever! Such cute fuzzy bums!!!

  2. What snuggle-bugs B&B are! And I agree with Izzy, those are seriously cute fuzzy bums. :-)

    That recipe sounds delicious! I've never heard of Bhutanese red rice either, but it sure sounds good! (I love exotic rice - have you ever had Black Forbidden rice? Mmmm....)

    I LOVE my Tofu Xpress too! How did we ever live without them? I use mine like yours... for just a couple of minutes if I don't want the tofu too dry (like when I use it to make sour cream), and for as long as a day or two in the fridge for when I'm going to marinade it. It's wonderful! I'm so glad you're enjoying yours, too!