Monday, March 7, 2011

Appetite for Reduction: Classic Black Bean & Veggie Chili

Before learning to cook, I rarely ate beans. I didn't like the taste and texture of it. My first like of beans only happened in college when I bought a veggie burrito with black beans in it. Love! Since then, I bought canned black beans just to replicate that burrito at home.

So it was a departure from my regular eating routine to make Isa's Classic Black Bean & Veggie Chili. I can count the number of times I've eaten chili on one hand, usually because they're spicy which I can't take. But I had to use up the leftover black bean from the quinoa salad and this seemed tasty.
For the veggies, I used corn, cauliflower, green bell pepper, carrot, and onion. As I was cooking, DH came over for a peek and commented, "Wow, looks really healthy." That's code for, "I don't think I'll like it that much." DH isn't a bean person at all.

Classic Black Bean & Veggie Chili
My modifications:
1. I left out the chili powder since I can't take the heat. I guess I can't really call this chili now can I?
2. I didn't have diced tomatoes, canned or fresh, nor tomato paste. But I did have a jar of pasta sauce! Worked out okay, methinks.

I ended up eating the bulk of it since, ahem, someone really doesn't like beans. ;-) This works great in a tortilla wrap too, but then again, what doesn't? As I like to say, everything tastes better in a wrap!

This funny video demonstrates why guinea pigs aren't a good choice for film. Thanks to Papua Piig for sharing!


  1. Are you trying to lure Sir Bunbun & I over to your corner of the planet? Keep it up with these yummy dishes & cuteness.... xo

  2. You're welcome to come over anytime, Izzy! The Wheekers can have some play time with Sir Bunbun! :-)

  3. I love the colorful photo you took of the ingredients! Okay, I realize we all have different food tastes, but how can ANYONE not like BEANS?! I eat them right out of the can sometimes! And how can anyone not put chili powder in their CHILI?! My spice-loving Texan husband would be especially offended, so I'd better not tell him about your culinary blasphemy. Not liking beans and not liking chili powder. *Mutter, mutter.* ;-)~

    Fortunately you redeemed this post with the Guineasaurus Rex video. ROTFL!! I especially love the closeup of the guinea pig lips at the end. You know I think guinea pigs have the cutest lips in the universe!

  4. Hi Laloo! Yes, I am ashamed to call it chili since it's not really chili without the chili! Do keep it hush from your husband. :-)

    I agree, guinea pigs have the cutest lips ever! Always cracks me up when I see them!