Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy World Vegan Day and Welcome!

Hallo friend! I've been greatly inspired by the witty and informative vegan blogs out there in the blogosphere and wanted to join in on the fun. I'm too late for VeganMoFo so I'll kick this off on World Vegan Day instead, which marks the start of World Vegan Month. Now there's no better month to bring attention to veganism than in November, when in the US more than 45 million lives of a particular type of fowl are slaughtered just for ONE meal.

I've been vegetarian for 14 years and vegan for the past two. I switched to veganism after I saw what they did to dairy cows. It was also around the same time the Prop 2 campaign started in California and I learned more about the horrors of factory farms. Within the next few months, I dedicated myself to purging all animal-derived items from my house (i.e. dairy, honey, wool, leather, products that test on animals) and now habitually scan for vegan and cruelty-free labels when shopping. Lifestyle change? Definitely. Feeling great? Absolutely.

So that's where the "vegan" part of "Vegan Wheekers" comes in. The "Wheekers" refer to the joys of my life, my pet guinea pigs Bert and Belle, who were adopted from the local animal shelter. Guinea pigs are well-known to wheek (a high-pitched squeal/scream) when they hear the fridge door open, but mine already wheek when they hear footsteps approaching the fridge! And yes, they're naturally vegan. :-)

I must confess I'm not much of a cook (I've been spoiled by my family's cooking for much longer than I'd like to admit) but after I moved out to start a new life with my Better Half* earlier this year, I knew I had to start clocking some hours by the stove. I was proficient at collecting recipes online but was never really good about actually putting them into practice. That is until I found VeganDad's homey, easy to make recipes for all my favorite dishes. Score!

Today I'll be making his Cream of Broccoli and Potato Soup because that's what I have an abundance of at home right now. Off to the kitchen I go!

Cream of Broccoli Soup with Scrambled Tofu and Toast

*I love this song by Keith Urban. I also love Keith Urban. But that's another story. ;-)


  1. Hi! When I saw your "why I love dogs" post at Vegan Dog's Life, how could I not click on that adorable avatar? :-) Bert and Belle are precious, and I love your blog's name. I enjoyed reading about your transformation from vegetarian to vegan (yay, you!), and about your wedding (sounds right up my alley!) Happy one month anniversary and Happy World Vegan Month!

  2. Hi Laloofah! Thanks for your kind comments (you're my first guest!) and for introducing me to Rift. I've also enjoyed reading about your Mehitable Days. :-)

  3. Hi, VW :-)

    Oh, you're most welcome! And it's an honor to have been your first guest! I'm glad to see that you and rift have "met"...two blogging vegan guinea pig guardians on the west coast? That was a connection that was destined to happen sooner or later! :-)

    And you're always welcome to share in my Mehitable Days! :-)