Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

Holiday officially begins when our local pop station KOIT starts airing Christmas music 24/7, which they did last Wednesday. So now we get to hear a dozen renditions of "Silent Night" and the occasional Mr. Grinch song.

In the mood for some holiday shopping, I went to IKEA today to get a table to set the guinea pig cages on. My hubby had custom built their cage, which is like a chateau compared to what you would find a pet store.

Check out the 2nd floor loft!

At IKEA, we took a break for a drink at their cafe and I saw people eating mashed potato and gravy, which totally got me craving for it too. So while hubby drove to Trader Joe's nearby to pick up ingredients, I quickly searched for vegan gravy recipes on his iPhone. I ended up using a mish mash of ingredients and techniques from VeganDad and VegWeb. Here's the result:

I love lots of gravy and it totally buried the mashed potato in this pic. Also featured are Trader Joe's vegan soy nuggets and grilled brussel sprouts. My craving was definitely satiated. Thanks, IKEA, for the inspiration!

Now we're too full to move, so the guinea pig table setup is going to have to wait...


  1. oof, can't we get that "other" holiday out of the way before the xmas music begins??? :)

    Love the second story!! Boo's house is made similar, but only 3x2 grids (and only one story). My sheet of coroplast was the limiting factor. Is that what your floor is?

    Happy Day,

  2. Yup, the bottom of the cage is also coroplast. Makes it much easier to clean up after them! Bert is pretty good about doing his business in the potty pan 70% of the time but Belle is more of a go with the flow anywhere anytime gal!

    I love how you could play games with Boo. Do you train her in any way? B & B still shy away from us so we usually only have lap time together.

    Btw, love your picture of Boo on your Nov 21st post. SO CUTE!! :)

  3. Your guinea pig chateau is awesome (as it should be for the Cleopatra of Guinea Pigs, lol), and your photo of that gravy has me drooling!

  4. :) Up until Boo, all of my guinea pig friends have learned to NOT pee on the carpet. I had to "give up" with Boo... just lay down a section of newspaper in her regular spot and not let her run around on the floor for hours on end.

    Other than that, the room is guinea pig proofed: cables and chewables are out of the way, and no hiding under the bed. Boo loves her floor time, but still gets pretty shy around anyone else... Even tho Significant Other is the one with the treats, she's still not confident around him. That's okay: we respect her for who she is.

    Boo does not do lap time. Unless there is a constant flow of treats. So I'm glad that she is so happy running around on the floor.

    Happy Day,