Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bread maker

Well, I've gone and done it.

I've got me this:

Say hallo to the Oster EXPRESSBAKE Breadmaker! I didn't think I'd be getting one so soon, seeing as how I'd hardly done any research. But hubby and I happened to be browsing the aisles at Costco and this caught my eye. It was going for $30 when Amazon sells it for $70! Since I knew nothing about bread making and this one promised to do it under one hour (58 minutes to be exact) I thought, "What could go wrong?"

So here we are. I even bought bread flour. The only thing left to do is look up some simple vegan bread recipes to make. I'll tackle that this weekend!

I'm quite exhausted today so it was a quick stir-fry for dinner. Simple but good!
broccoli, seiten, carrot, cashew, onion

Tomorrow my juicer will arrive, yay! It'll be a weekend of gadgets and food experiments. Let's hope I don't blow up the kitchen, LOL!


  1. Well, congratulations! That bread machine rated well on ConsumerSearch. I hope you'll share your own review of it here once you've had a chance to use and enjoy it!

    Here's a tip for a healthier bread... substitute the oil in a bread machine recipe (even for a regular bread, like oatmeal or whole wheat) with the same amount of organic unsweetened applesauce. It doesn't alter the taste of the bread and is a much healthier alternative. Unsweetened applesauce is one of several great fat replacers in baked goods, and the one we almost always use.

    Enjoy your kitchen experiments! I'm confident your kitchen is safe from explosions. LOL

  2. Hi Laloofah! Thanks for your vote of confidence, LOL! And thanks also for the applesauce tip. Sounds yum! Will let you know how I fare. :-)

  3. Just checking in to see if your kitchen is still in tact! You've gone & made me want to get a breadmaker now! I think I would use a lot of beer in mine though!! lol

  4. Sounds like it might be Izzy's kitchen that does the exploding! (Or at least her bread machine!) LOL

    What juicer did you get, VW? And did your sprouter arrive yet?

  5. By the way, the day after I posted that comment asking you what juicer you got, I saw the answer (picture, link and all) in your previous post! Duh on me! I'd read the post, I just had some kinda major brain fart! :-)