Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bread success!

When I first started bread making, I've been kind of frustrated with a basic recipe I found online. The bread always came out a little damper than I liked. Then Rift over at posted a bread recipe for me that looked easy enough so I tried it and...voila!

The texture was perfect!
It's just like what we used to buy at Safeway. Here's a guacamole & salsa appetizer I made with the bread.
I've made this successfully quite a few times now. Thanks, rift!

What shall we experiment with next? I think I'll try Vegan French Bread!


  1. oh my gosh! That is so awesome! My bread is famous!

    My SO told me I shouldn't post my "secret" recipe because it took me about a year to come up with it, experimenting the whole time. I just laughed at him, of course.

    Your salsa half-sandwich looks like something I need to try!

    {{{Hugs}}} and Happy Bread Making!

  2. Congratulations, VW, your rift-loaf looks just beautiful! :-) And your guac and salsa spread is downright beguiling! YUM!! Guacamole is something I just can't stop eating once I start!

    (I'm glad you vetoed your SO's suggestion, rift. Great vegan recipes are doubly wonderful when shared!)

    How goes the sprouting, VW? I'm about to polish off a batch and get a new one going. (And FINALLY, MRH got in their broccoli sprouting seeds, if you're still wanting to order them! You'll need to enable cookies and disable any firewall when you place your order or I won't get any commission... you can reset them after your order is final. I didn't find this out till I missed out on a commission a few weeks ago. Bummer!)

  3. rift, I'm doubly glad you didn't listen to your SO that time! :-) I'll also have to start following your suggestion of freezing half the loaf while the other half is eaten. Since my DH isn't a bread vacuum like I am, I usually end up eating the whole thing and that's a lot to finish before it gets hard!

    Laloo, I also got the notification from MRH that the broccoli sprout seeds are back in stock. Once I finish my current bag of seeds, I'll place an order with your instructions. :-) I haven't grown anything after the first batch because, again, I find I'm the only one eating it and I think I got sprout overload after that! DH and I have quite different preferences when it comes to food; sometimes we just each cook our own food for dinner. The only thing in common is that the food is vegan! LOL!

  4. Hey, VW!
    Well, you've got the most important thing in common, at least! :-)

    Did Bert and Belle enjoy the sprouts? I've given some to Val and Tino (the mice), but I can't tell if they eat them or not, since their schedule doesn't generally mesh with ours. When I check in the morning after their nighttime activities, they've always buried their food under a pile of shavings. (They bury their water dish the same way, the silly goobers!) :-)