Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chile Earthquake

I sit riveted to Twitter and the Hawaii news station for the latest news on the Chile earthquake and resulting tsunami. As I write, the tsunami watch is on in Hawaii but fortunately nothing too alarming has happened yet.

Chile has received over 50 major aftershocks (over 5.0 magnitude) since the 8.8 earthquake last night. FIFTY. OVER 5.0. This list on the USGS website is chilling.

I cannot imagine having to experience a constant rumbling of that magnitude, especially after the epically huge one. My heart goes out to the Chilean people and hope they get the help they need soon.

Last night after learning of the earthquake, I went into prep mode for the guinea pigs - packed their carrier with food and water, and ensured nothing could fall on them around their cage. How else do you prepare guinea pigs for an earthquake?

As for the humans in this house, we've got our gallons of water and canned food ready. Hubby doesn't seem worried at all; I think I'm doing enough worrying for the both of us, LOL!

Take care everyone. Make sure you're prepared for natural disasters in your area of the world. A list of resources for review:

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