Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Belle Vet Visit Part 2

At the beginning of the month, we noticed Belle was doing her mouth gagging thing again. It was exactly two months, just as the vet predicted, since we last brought her in the day after New Year's. We weren't so worried this time since we knew what the problem was, but nonetheless, it's sad to know she has to go through that painful and unpleasant procedure of teeth trimming and anesthesia again. Here she is in her carrier on the way to the vet. I made sure she was nice and comfy for the ordeal with her bed and lots of treats.

She's a plucky little one and recovered quickly but to have to go through this every two months? I feel so bad for the little one! There's gotta be another way...

Here she is giving Bert a kiss. Or rather, "Whatcha eating over here? I want some!"

Happy St. Patrick's Day! The Wheekers will be celebrating with lots of hay as usual! :-)


  1. Hi, VW!
    Poor little Belle, I wish she didn't have this problem! That's tough on both of you. I'm glad Bert is able to keep his teeth trimmed all by himself, at least!

    Speaking of which, it looks to me like Belle is saying to Bert, "I just had to get my teeth filed down again, how come you never do? Let me see your teefers, Bert, I want to know your dental hygiene secrets!" :-) That photo is just adorable!

    Give your Wheeker babies a kiss from me, and Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!

  2. You are such a good mummy! We feel for poor Belle, having to do this so often. I hope that there is a possibility that it will become less over time.

  3. Laloo: LOL! I like your caption better! I sure do wish Bert would show her a thing or two about keeping her teeth trimmed herself.

    Thank you both for your good wishes. The vet said it was the way her teeth were misaligned that allowed the teeth to overgrow (not uncommon in cavies). Let's hope Belle follows Bert's example and keeps her teeth well trimmed herself.

    The Wheekers send you kisses!

  4. Hey, VW, maybe Belle just needs braces! :-#
    Have a great weekend and Happy Spring, my sweet Wheeker friends!
    xoxoxo :-)

  5. I just found you & your blog through twitter and had to visit as you combine two awesome things: veganism and guinea pigs!

    I had a guinea pig called Belle, she was adoreble and I loved her so much. Guinea pigs are funny, cute, friendly animals <3

    I hope your Belle is ok now, does she have anything hard to chew on? Lots of carrots or twigs?