Monday, March 1, 2010

SFACC Shiloh & Pepper

Say hallo to these cuddly cuties! Shiloh and Pepper are sisters, 1.5 years old.
"Shiloh is the tricolored girl, Pepper the brown girl with red markings- are a bonded pair who must be adopted together. They are sweet and social girls who are looking for a new home and a new life!"

Shiloh markings are quite similar to Belle's! I hope these girls find a loving home soon.


  1. They are so sweet. Looking oh so presentable & behaved as well! I hope they find a forever home together...forever.

  2. Yet more adorable, sweet cutie-pies! (Why oh why are all these sweet babies being abandoned by their people?) I hope they've already found a new family who will love and care for them always.