Monday, December 7, 2009

Guinea Pig Massage

I'm always on the look out to find new ways to interact with my guinea pigs. Aside from lap time and floor time, I was out of ideas. Then I saw on YouTube another guinea pig guardian doing this to their guinea pig so I had to try it for myself. It's called the guinea pig cheek massage, which they apparently enjoyed very much!

This is the side view:

This the front view:

I love the round bottom lip! So cute. :-)


  1. That guinea pig looks so relaxed that I feel noodly just watching her! (I think my bottom lip gets all droopy and pooty like that when I'm getting a massage too. :-) You know I think guinea pigs have the cutest lips in the critter kingdom!) Hope Belle and Bert enjoy their cheek massage as much as the cutie in the video seems to be enjoying hers!

  2. Actually, that's Bert in the video! I've succeeded in the art of guinea pig massage. Wonder if there's a certification for that. LOL!

  3. LOL... I didn't recognize him without his purple hut! :-D Well, he's certainly enjoying his spa treatment! And regardless of whether there is any official certification, I think you should print yourself up a fancy-schmancy document that says you are certified in the art of guinea pig cheek massage and start advertising your services. Clearly you'd have very happy clients! :-)