Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SF Vegan Bake Sale, take two

So last Saturday was stuff-your-face day @ the second SF Vegan Bakesale held in front of Ike's, this time to benefit Save a Bunny and the Food Empowerment Project. Thankfully this was before the frostbite weather kicked in and the bunnies were able to be out and about for all of us to ooh and ahh over. I even got to pet them! Hope they found good forever homes.

Hubby once entertained the idea of adopting a rabbit and letting it run around the house, but once I said he'd be in charge of cleaning up after it, he decided two guinea pigs were enough. ;-)

So on to the goodies. Last time I came rather late and missed a lot of stuff so this time I made sure I got there right when it started. And let me just say, WOW! They really outdid themselves!

I happily filled up one box of goodies and thought I was done but while I waited with my friends in line at Ike's, I saw MORE goodies being delivered. Apparently, the bakers were on a schedule to come at a certain time so goodies kept coming and coming...and I walked away with another box! This time it was full of Cinnaholic's cinnamon buns, which was baked on their wedding day and delivered by their best man. Talk about dedication, folks! They offered four flavors, which were teasers for the 30 they have planned for their upcoming storefront. Can't wait!

I'm a bit bummed I missed out on Sugar Beat Sweets (they came after I had gone) cuz I love love love their cupcakes but there's always next time (and a storefront coming soon)!

By the day's end, the bakesale raised $4,200 for the chosen charities. How awesome is that, considering there's a recession with a 10% unemployment rate? Behold the power of vegan baked goods! Mad props to all the dedicated bakers and money pouch ladies with amazing math skills.

Next SF event will be in Feb, but before that, the ladies of Fat Bottom Bakery will be hosting an East Bay Vegan Bakesale on January 9th in Oakland. We shall conquer the world one city at a time, yes indeedy!

Lastly, I'll sign off with this. Laloofah, this one's for you:

Cinnaholic's Smores Cinnamon Bun, aka Heaven-in-your-mouth


  1. Awww, thank you, VW! How very sweet of you!! :-D Wow, there goes my sugar and fat allowance for the entire year... good thing these treats are safely locked away in Cyberworld, or I'd be in big trouble! (I'm trying to calculate how long it will take your "conquering the world one city at a time" Nom-nom Tour to get to my area!) ;-)

    What an amazing variety and amount of vegan yumminess, and what an awesome amount of money raised! Very impressive. Almost as impressive as the bride and groom of Cinnaholic baking cinnamon buns and having their best man deliver them on their wedding day! That is astounding! (I wonder if their wedding cake was a giant cinnamon roll? Mine would have been! LOL)

    Speaking of grooms, tell your hubby that everyone knows that ONE rabbit, loose in the house, is equal to FOUR guinea pigs in their fun village. So go bring Pumpkin and Cinder home before the weekend, and it'll all be settled fair and square. ;-) I hope all the bunnies found wonderful forever homes too. Such cuties!

    So of the delicious-looking treats you brought home, which one is your favorite? I'm off to enjoy the gooey cyber-goodie you so thoughtfully brought for me with a cup of tea now. Care to join me? :-)

  2. Hope you enjoyed the "cyber" bun! It's the best one of the bunch. ;-) Tea sounds good right about's gotten really cold around these parts. We even got rain today. I love rain...when I'm all snuggled up indoors that is. ;-) Having a guinea pig on the lap makes it all the better, ha! :-)