Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Up for Adoption @ SFACC!

We adopted Bert and Belle from San Francisco's Animal Care & Control. ACC maintains a listing on their website of the cuties that are in need of a home. I like to check the small animals listing every now and then, just because. :-) They always have bunnies, many of whom end up at the Save A Bunny shelter if they're not adopted within a certain period. Sometimes guinea pigs, pigeons, parakeets, and the occasional iguana would show up too.

Here are two pair of guinea pigs available for adoption now:

Do have a home for them? Visit SF Animal Care & Control if you do!


  1. Oh, it's a darned good thing I don't live anywhere near San Francisco, or I'd have four more mouths to feed come suppertime tonight!!

    The two in the second pic are just too much... those EYES! The little redhead in particular melts me. My brain immediately named these two Pumpkin and Cinder. Seriously, good thing I'm hundreds of miles away!! But I think you should go adopt them so I can at least be an Auntie who gets visitation rights through your blog! :-)

  2. I'm very tempted! I once said to my husband, "We've already got two, what's one more?" :-D

    I love your names Pumpkin and Cinder! I think that fits them so well. I'll keep tabs on them and hope they find their forever homes soon. :-)

  3. So, the ol' "What's one more?" argument doesn't work any better at your house than it does at mine, huh? ;-)

    I'm glad you like those names for them too, and that you'll keep tabs on them. And maybe in the meantime one of us will come up with a more effective argument so Pumpkin and Cinder and Bert and Belle can all be one happy little family (with well-massaged cheeks!) :-)

  4. VW, did you see that all four guinea pigs were adopted? Did you do it? :-) If not, I sure hope whomever adopted "Lucy" and "Roxie" will know that their REAL names are Pumpkin and Cinder!

    Okay, now it's poor horribly treated, horribly named "Porkchop" who seriously needs a VERY loving, healing, forever home. Followed by an immediate name change! Poor baby! :-(

  5. Those four darlings didn't end up in my home but I'm certain they've landed in better ones. :-)

    Poor Porkchop, rescued from a dumpster! These stories just break my heart. I too wish him a speedy recovery and a happy forever home soon. Maybe he'll end up with Toby and Clooney, and be renamed Brad. He's surely as handsome as his celebrity namesake, if not more so. ;-)

  6. Laloofah, Porkchop got adopted! New life, new home (and hopefully new name)!

  7. Yay!!! Thanks for letting us know, VW! I hope the guinea pig formerly known as Porkchop is the recipient of much loving care and enjoys a long and joyful life!

    Happy, happy holidays to you and your family! :-)