Friday, November 19, 2010

Vegan Mofo Day 14: Tofu Burger

Fact: I can eat burgers and fries any time of the day - breakfast, lunch, or dinner - you name it. I just love this typical fast food staple.

We used to love the frozen burger patties you can buy in the store...until we found out our favorite brand wasn't vegan. I've made chickpea cutlet and black bean burgers from Veganomicon before to substitute, but one day, hubby just fried up a thick slab of seasoned tofu for the burger and it changed our world.

I did not know something so simple could be so delicious. And that's how we've been eating our burger since. Just add a dash of vegetable seasoning, and fry on both side until the outside is slightly crispy.

Here I've added a few slices of Tofurky. The tofu is peaking out underneath there. We didn't make it so thick this time because we wanted a lighter meal.

And burgers aren't the same to me without pickles. I love pickles. It adds the kick that makes the burger extra delish. What's your favorite burger add-ons?


  1. Yum! Hey, don't I remember you made your own hamburger buns once? Are you still doing that?

    We love burgers too, and often make "beanwa" burgers (black beans and quinoa). I love how it makes a big batch so there's "beanwa batter" in the fridge for several days for making burgers, because I'm like you - I am not at all self-conscious about having them for breakfast. :-)

    My favorite toppings are dill pickles (definitely - isn't a burger really just a dill pickle delivery vehicle?? lol), mustard and sprouts. And good ripe tomatoes when I've got them. Oh, and now and then a few strips of Fakin' Bacon! YUMSKA!

    Now you've made me hungry, I must go eat!! :-)

    Happy Friday! Smooches to the Wheekers!

  2. NumNum....a large portobello does the trick nicely too!

  3. I don't mind pickles on burgers but I've never actually bought a jar to use on homemade burgers, I really should!

    I love tomato sauce, mayo, lettuce, grilled onions on my burgers.

    And now I wish it was lunch time!

  4. In New Zealand the classic on top of a burger is a big slice or red beetroot (pickled or boiled).