Monday, November 1, 2010

Vegan Mofo Day 2 : suyo, bok choy, red chard

"Is it safe to come out yet?"

San Francisco is partying hard after the SF Giant's World Series win! Woo! Hubz and I were screaming and jumping in celebration at home after Brian Wilson threw the last strike. The guinea pigs were less enthused. :-)

A quick post to share my vegan lunch at work by Chef J:

suyo cucumber (it's long, curly with ridges) mushroom and bean thread

bok choy with vegan shrimp and tofu-like seitan

red chard and carrots

Random quote of the day: "A simple smile from you could be the validation a total stranger needed to believe that they matter." While I like the positive message that entails, and I'm sure it's true many times, but one time I smiled at a stranger at the farmer's market (sort of in the "excuse me, I can't reach the basil you're blocking" way) and he interpreted my smile as an invitation to preach to me about his religion. Very insistently. I was totally flustered and high tailed out of there without finishing my shopping!

So I hope you have better results wherever you bestow your beautiful smile. :-)

Ok, back to celebrating the SF Giants' win. WOOOOOOOO!!!


  1. Bert's lips are TOO CUTE!! His location inside his "safe house" absolutely looks like he's taken refuge from your wild World Series victory celebration (congratulations, btw - very exciting!), but his expression seems to be saying, "Ooooooh, look at all that yummy food! Can I have some?" :-) It all looks delicious! I've never seen a suyo cucumber. Does it taste like regular cucumber? And that vegan shrimp looks eerily real! We do enjoy red chard a lot, but I've never cooked it with carrots! I'll have to try that next time!

    Enjoy basking in your team's triumph today! :-)

  2. Those cucumbers look really interesting. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for them.

  3. Laloo, they're having a Giants parade on Wednesday; the mayor is giving them the key to the city. Hubz and I are hoping to go for a look-see. I never thought I'd be such a baseball fan, ha!

    Laloo and Mollyjade, you can find the suyo at asian groceries or farmer's market. It's a bit of Russian roulette with these as sometimes they're bitter and sometimes not. (I have not found out how to determine from the outside!) They have a teensy bit of sweetness but are otherwise bland and need seasoning (salt, soy sauce, or Bragg's). And recently I learned picking smaller ones is better as the seeds are smaller and softer (you cook that up and eat it right along). They're not crunchy like regular cucumbers and you cook them until a bit soft. Hope you can try it sometimes!

  4. Thanks for the info, VW! Sadly, Cowflop, Wyoming HAS no Asian markets, and I guarantee our Farmer's Market (which shut down a couple months ago) won't have them either. But maybe someday I'll visit or live somewhere where I can at least see, if not eat one! :-)

    Have a blast at the parade tomorrow! There's nothing like having a championship team in the local area to turn you into a fan! :-)