Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vegan Mofo Day 4: SF Giants Parade, Loving Hut

Yesterday, San Francisco held a huge ticker-tape parade for the SF Giants. Hubs and I played hookie from work to partake in the festivities. I’ve never seen anything like it! The atmosphere in the orange-and-black-color adorned crowd was electric!
This was the man who brought a face to the team and game for me. Cody Ross!

This is the best shot of Brian Wilson I could get. He was walking the parade route instead of riding on the cable car. Watching him close the games was so intense and fun! Fear the Beard!

And it wouldn't be VeganMofo if I didn't include a bit about food, would it? After the parade, we ducked into Westfield Shopping Center's food court for lunch at Loving Hut.

Fried rice, curry, and sweet & sour side dishes from the steam table. Yum!

We headed back to work for the last half of the day and ended it at the movies with a pre-screening of "Unstoppable." It was an action packed movie! I'll never look at trains the same way again.

After such a fun-filled day, I was ready to follow Belle's example:


  1. That looks very fun and exciting! I've never been to any kind of victory parade before, and certainly not for a championship-winning pro sports team! I'm so glad you played hooky and got to experience the excitement. It's sure a colorful parade, and definitely is carrying on the spirit of Halloween, even if inadvertently! :-)

    Cody Ross looks like he's waving and smiling right at YOU!

    And that food looks so delicious! I've been reading a lot about Loving Hut lately, and one thing everyone seems to agree on about it is that the food is wonderful.

    Belle looks pretty tuckered. Like she went to the parade too. In fact, like she started in every game of the World Series herself! LOL

  2. Laloo: I wish you could have been there! I've been to parades and other festivities but there was nothing quite like being among tens of thousands of people full of (intense) love and pride for the same thing! It felt like a mini-Olympics (or my guess at what being at the Olympics would feel like since I've never been to one). Here's a quote from our newspaper from a fan: ""This is Christmas, New Year's and your first-born all rolled into one." LOL!

    We nearly missed seeing Cody because he was standing on the other side of the cable car as it went by. He only came around (perhaps it was my lung splitting scream?) when it nearly left our sight. I would have been totally bummed if I had missed him but Mr. Smiles didn't disappoint! Yay!

    Your comment on Belle's picture cracked me up! :-) Have a beautiful weekend!