Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vegan Mofo Day 7: Soyaki Tofu, Chard / SFACC Guinea Pigs!

We break from our regularly scheduled VeganMofo to bring you:

GUINEA PIGS!! Up for adoption at the San Francisco Animal Care & Control:

Tim & Brian

Edgar and Juan

Yolanda and Jasmine

Sasha, Rita, Lucy, and Gretchen

In a perfect world, they'd all come home with me. But in an equally perfect world, they'd all go to loving, forever homes in pairs (elsewhere) and soon!

//end cuteness, cue yumminess//

For lunch, we had tofu marinated in Trader Joe's Soyaki with a side of chard. I was inspired by Jenna over at Good Good Things after a full morning of reading veganmofo blogs. Oh my, there are SO many things to read I barely made a dent in my Google Reader. It's still shows 1000+ unread posts! I've also bookmarked and favorited lots of yummy looking recipes that I can't wait to try.

Tip: If you use Microsoft Office, there's a program called OneNote that acts like a notebook. I use it to store all the recipes that I find online. The cool feature is that when you cut and paste from a website, it automatically pastes the link of the page too, so you'll always know where you got the recipe from in case you need to go back to it or give credit to it when you write about it on your own blog.

How do you store your recipes?


  1. Total cuteness overload! They are all adorable, but tiny Tim is probably my favorite! I love some of the names... Tim and Brian, Edgar and Juan - LOL! Is the shelter naming them? (Why are so many people dumping these precious beings at the shelter? I just don't get it!)

    I wish you could bring them all home to your house, VW, I really do! But I share your hope that they'll all go to loving homes, soon and forever!

    By the way, did you see this video? I found it when I was on YouTube saving that adorable watermelon munching one you shared. Honestly, I can't possibly add a guinea pig to our menagerie, but I wish I could!

    Your marinaded tofu and chard looks yummy!

    As for storing recipes on the computer (offline I print out my favorites and keep them in binders with my cookbooks), I don't think my iMac has anything like OneNote, but I'm not nearly done exploring all its bells and whistles, so maybe it does. Cool feature! I just bookmark the recipe web site/blog post. Lame and low-tech, I know, but it works (as long as my computer doesn't crash again, or the URL doesn't drop dead or change!)

  2. Hi Laloo! I also bookmark recipes. I use Google Bookmark at work when I come across yummy looking recipes so I can access them at home when I'm at more leisure to look them over and give them a try.

    I have seen that guinea pig video and will share it on the blog in the next post. They totally crack me up! :-) xoxoxo